Self-Analysis Can Always be Pieced Together

The Méthodologie artists’ book exploration initially began through a graduate-level graphic design studio wherein many of the projects were condensed-time exercises that allowed a designer to explore their gut-responses to analytical visual challenges.

The work in this book specifically was created through a constant collaboration of analog and digital processes, while heavily revealing my personal preferences towards ‘play’ as a concept/means to create. The final form of this book was designed to reflect the ‘newness’ personally felt when opening a new toy; while also communicating the self-analyzed steps I, David Short, pursue during the development process of problem solving. And acknowledging that at any given moment the rearrangement of those steps can create new additional outcomes! Play (read: experimentation) is so important to my process work. This book was exhibited within a Quarterly Online gallery environment for SCAD-Atlanta Campus in 2009.

Edition of 1.