If a Book Falls in the Woods and No One’s There….

Let’s explore old(?) technologies! —The Tree was created through the implementation of personal photography of tree textures, ink-illustrations of toy cars, and digitally-set (personally authored) texts via polymer plates; all coming together onto Vandercook Universal presses.

The book is meant to capture a childhood memory of playing with toy cars in the dirt between the small roots of a favorite tree on the rural farm. The structure of the book is meant to push the traditional accordion-style artists’ books via implementing the constant reminder of organic/tree silhouettes in its arrangement. The overall container not only ‘contains’ the memory but through the semi-gloss fabric insinuates reflection in a color-palette acknowledging the earth tones of the tree itself.

The book was exhibited in two SCAD-Atlanta printmaking exhibitions, and also won the purchase prize for the SCAD-Atlanta Library’s Permanent Artists’ Book Collection (edition 1/3).

Edition of 3 total.