When Words Are Taken Away from Fairytales & Fables, Can We Convey Recognition?

For this project students were challenged to create a progressive narrative across two 12×18 panels. No legible text is used within the imagery itself. Using cinematic tools such as framing and perspective to create variety. They must consider how these images are paced, arranged, cropped, and overlapped to guide the viewer through the retelling of a portion of a well known fable or fairy tale.

Illustrated storyboard/graphic-novels created by K.Lee, K.Louis, C.Kennedy, D.Shonyo, K.Anderson, M.Rowe, B.Parr, D.Peterson, and S.Conway.

This specific project has been part of both 3xxx-level Digital Illustration and Graphic Design IV studio-courses. The focus of both studios has included the exploration and application of concepts and techniques of illustration within the digital medium, projects included incorporation of narrative/storytelling, point of view/perspective, lighting/depth, and characters/relationships.