Brand Recognition without Advertising Means Careful In-House Planning

The Evercare Company has the largest marketshare of the lint roller business, even larger than 3M—who knew? Now you do! Other company products included cleaning and organization home goods items.

During my art director tenure with Evercare I was responsible for upgrading and maintaining their current (blue) flagship lint roller line, while assisting with product expansion into pet care, house cleaning, and soft-sided storage materials.

Since Evercare is a company that does not advertise any of their products within television or print mediums; the main focus became a consistent consumer brand recognition. In order for this to occur, the creation of an internal branding guide for the development- and maintenance-of brandmark positioning was necessary. This included brandmark proportion specs, product photography style-guide, and typographic treatments that could be easily recreated by in-house designers at any Evercare office location. During this time I was also granted the opportunity to work with industrial product designers on multiple efforts, as well as bring my environmental design skills to their annual trade show design needs.