Let’s Pitch a Tent Under the Type Stars

Skout is a translation-based typeface currently in production, its final form will include three styles with matching true italics. Skout is well suited and designed specifically for text use. The font is an excellent choice for short- and medium-length text use.

The style of this text typeface was created to pull referencing from natural silhouettes that one might see in the woods and greater outdoors; branches being a large reference point.

Skout was initially designed for a partner project with a fellow artist and his partnership with Taschen Books. The artist was approached to share his large body of illustrations that are focused on reinterpreting—through a homosexual lens—his growing up in both a rural- and scouting-environments. He is altering memories and capturing them a near “See Dick & Jane” style of rendering. There is a secondary display-level typeface also in the works as part of this project, final book production is slated for 2021.