Pick Me! Pick Me! Engaging Viewers Via Magazine Racks and Digital E-Readers is No Small Feature

With this project student create an editorial cover illustration and intro-spread for a feature article for an international news magazine’s (i.e., The Economist, The Atlantic, etc.); periodicals that typically offer richer content than most. The challenge is to convey not only the narrative and tone of the chosen article, but work within the branding controls of the selected magazine.

Students are required to print out the articles and read through several times while highlighting key words and phrases that speak to them in regards to the narrative. Providing resource material to push through several rounds of thumbnail to quarter-page to full-page sketch/layout explorations.

Illustrated editorial covers and interior spreads created by W.Madison, K.Lee, K.Louis, B.Bailey, D.Shonyo, J.Gilbert, J.Thomas, K.Guyton, K.Koschewa, M.Azarraga, M.Meredith, M.Swenson, and R.Burgener.

This specific project has been part of both 3xxx-level Digital Illustration and Graphic Design IV studio-courses. The focus of both studios has included the exploration and application of concepts and techniques of illustration within the digital medium, projects included incorporation of narrative/storytelling, point of view/perspective, lighting/depth, and characters/relationships.