Start with Inspiration, then Duplication, then Custom Creation

In this senior-level studio the students are challenged to research any illustrator (dead or alive) and present an analysis of their chosen illustrator’s style using visual elements and principles of design terminologies and overall human perfection of their body of work.

Next in order to help them adjust/learn/adapt to the Wacom tablet hardware in Photoshop and Illustrator, the students duplicate one of compositions of their favorite illustrator’s works. Through tracing overlays to breakdown ‘layers’ to work in digitally; and then assemble into digital software and experiment and include analog texture-making techniques into their work.

In the third phase, the students are now left to their own devices to use the same style/techniques and technology—and same types of subject matter—to bring in that critical element of Story. Which includes ideas, concepts, and process on all the levels beyond just ‘production’ that the second phase encompasses.

Illustrations created by E.Shultz, J.Girdner, M.Ringness, P.Morgan, and R.Koch.

This specific project has been part of a Graphic Design IV senior-level studio. The focus of this course is the execution of quality illustrations and design by the blending of traditional and electronic image creations influenced and strengthened by the history of illustration and typeface design. The use of advanced conceptual skills and digital techniques, strong development of form and color, and the elements and principles of design are emphasized.