Positive Lifestyle Choices Involve Manly Reading Habits

This investment proposal was clearly designed to target a specific genre within the publication industry; creating a proposed modern men’s magazine to compete in today’s market with an eclectic approach. The ultimate goal, to serve as the best lifestyle publication resource to the 21st-century educated man with snappy writing, lifestyle information, men’s fashion, and newsworthy relevant content.

The task was to create a clean, direct support structure of charismatic styles, from custom typeface development for feature articles, to specific paragraph styles to unify the magazine brand, to a timeless color scheme help create a usable resource to the modern man. Ultimately the founders did not achieve enough investment support to fully launch the project so it was not produced; perhaps with the more modern day global approach (instead of just national) through GoFundMe accounts might make it different today? Anything is possible for the modern (hu)man!