It’s Not a Competition Karen! Modern Wayfinding that Compliments, Not Clashes

The Columbus Georgia Convention & Trade Center (CGCTC) is located in the Historic Columbus Iron Works. The CGCTC facility—situated on the banks of the Chattahoochee River—was restored to its original specifications with subtle modern upgrades as a local landmark of the downtown area.

The key to creating a successful wayfinding system for a historically restored structure was to design the signage appropriate to its environment yet capable of meeting the modern requirements of a convention center with constantly changing guests.

Appropriate materials and colors were chosen to work within the challenge of several different areas ranging from original brickwork to modern ballroom treatments. Most surfaces were minimally treated with protective coatings but several surfaces not treated to allow for a more rapid aging process. This choice gave the design the same textural feel as the restored environment surrounding it. Clarity of communication for guests and a period atmosphere proved complementary.