Don’t Buy For Only One Holiday, Buy for ALL the Holidays.

This annual sale presented by the Duluth Art Institute helps connect Duluth community members and holiday shoppers with regional artisans selling handmade works ranging in materials from clay, fiber, painting, watercolor, and other mixed media.
My handmade contribution this round included one of my typefaces, and custom hand-lettering and pattern-illustrations based upon elements found in the multiple cultures surrounding the Duluth area. The intended use of a larger (non-singular holiday!) color palette and a high-vibration of line work was to capture shoppers attention amongst all the usual holiday hoi polloi. So buy now, buy often—support local, living artists!

My whole-self brought custom hand-lettering, illustration, a custom typeface, and a celebratory color palette to generate an event brand that strives to have as many layers of identity as its originators. As no person in our community is simply stereotypical, even me!