Helping EFBC Garnish Attention ASAP

When a start-up company approaches you with nothing but a mission and an unusual (long!) company name what else can one propose but the unusual design? Experience Fresh Baked Cookies’ primary focus was to assist residential real-estate companies. And in order to prove they would create memorable marketing and advertising solutions for their clients, they too had to create a memorable impact on a modest starting budget.

With the vast range of residential housing types in the Atlanta, Georgia-area the goal was to show both modern and classical Western influences through their design. I created a sans-serif four-letter ligature for the primary brandmark accompanied by pure neon-pink Pantone swatch balanced with classical text arrangements; and then counter-balanced the clean-style with found 1950/60s ‘ideal kitchen/baking area’ illustrations.

The paper architecture of the business cards was designed to ‘instantly’ evoke an awareness of the three-dimensional space that homes create. That delicious space that one not only physically encounters, but also metaphysically embraces—such as stepping into the scent of something familiar and mindful, like fresh baked treats! The cards collapsed to fit within the standard business card proportions to also prove traditional formats can achieve new life, as one might picture themselves in a home and improving it.