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Heart Health Truly is a Life or Death Matter

ArteryAge is a medical group specializing in using a simple carotid ultrasound measurement (CIMT) to generate the “true age” of an individual’s artery system. Although a patient, chronologically, may be only forty years old, their Artery Age could indicate that of a seventy-five year old. Getting this information to them can be the difference between life and death.

After establishing a strong brand for ArteryAge that would communicate the company’s message to an audience that is primarily unaware, we chose simplicity in the design and organization of the site architecture: who should get screened, what the screening involved, and where one should go to be screened. The design of the site was left open and airy to help suggest to potential clients (and doctors who refer patients) that the actual procedure is an open, non-invasive, and simple check to determine that status of the patient’s heart.