Helping the Entire Northern Quadrant of Metro-Atlanta Find Their Space

NorthPoint Group was a corporate real-estate development agency that was in need of creating a brand system for their current and future properties. Their initial work was with manufacturing properties, but quickly expanded into corporate business and urban residential spaces; all within the Northern suburb areas of Atlanta, Georgia.

My focus with this project was to develop a branding system to represent the character of each of their current individual properties while sustaining a familiarity between the entire portfolio of projects. The client arrived with the primary NorthPoint Group, Inc. logo already in place with their white paper documents.

My work here was focused first on creating a modest brandmarks for each of the individual properties (i.e. Point Peachtree) that complimented the main compass brandmark without competing. Then to generating an overall color palette for the existing group of properties with secondary set ready for future developments. I was also responsible for the book design; site-plans, maps, and pattern illustrations; and art direction of other illustrators who were responsible for the watercolor illustration perspectives of the properties. It was especially a joy to experiment with silver metallics and custom pattern varnishes for their higher-end properties (i.e., Point Berkeley), a pattern that I found out later they used within their own corporate office boardroom spaces. Who says corporate-world can’t be glamorous at times? Not I!