Life Happens to so Many, Design Can Help

In this unique project instance, students were required to research and collect imagery that represented and memorialized the (then current) events happening in Japan (2011)—then create an A1-sized poster. How the media in both the U.S. and Japan portrayed the event, how the audiences reacted, how it impacted the different societies, and how it is still being dealt with today. The goal for the students was to generate content that helps them understand their potential role as designers in today’s society.

Ultimately the Art & Design faculty at UWG voted for the top three poster designs from the class; a local printer donated paper/printing to create twenty-prints of each winner’s artwork; and all prints were signed/dated by the creators and sold to the public as a fundraiser effort. 100% of all proceeds were donated to the Red Cross efforts in Japan that year.

Social Awareness Posters created by J.Gray, K.Sullivan, C.Sherman, and A.Schooley

This specific project was part of a Graphic Design II level-course that focused upon typography with the addition of image and visual organization. Design methodologies are developed and applied to a variety of scenarios allowing students to refine their comprehension about the interrelationship between visual form and meaning.